lolly-scramble competition

Two Court Fools by Ulrik De WachterI know this is a Homer Simpson “Doh!” moment, but I had forgotten that the polls were anonymous. I only know the identity of two of the people who voted in my lolly-scramble competition. So I’m extending the deadline until Monday night NZ time, and appealing for those of you who have entered to leave a comment so that I can actually contact you to make your choice out of the 3 NZ poetry collections on offer …

4 Replies to “lolly-scramble competition”

  1. I was one of the unfortunates whose cynicism was confirmed when Dr Williams announced that Jenny Bornholdt’s collection of non-poetry had won out over the superior work of Chris Orsman. Twelve years ago Williams (disably assisted by Bornholdt and her husband) opened an Oxford anthology with the non-poetry of Damien Wilkins so, even if neither truth nor form has been rewarded, Williams has been true to form.

  2. I voted. I was right about who would win the Best Poetry Book, but wrong about who would win Best First Poetry Book. I said Amy Brown for that one.

    Also, I hope your launch was wonderous and went swimmingly! I hope you sold lots of books and got lots of warm support from your launch attendees. I will go and find your book at Unity this week.

  3. The launch was great. We all had a wonderful time celebrating with Joanna. And the book is just brilliant!!!

    I voted in the poll and was correct that Jenny Bornholdt and Sam Samson were the winners. However they were not my personal choices. I would have liked Amy Brown to win the best new book(poetry). Also what I have read of The Rocky Shore has not impressed me!

    Keep up the interesting blog, Jo.

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