litmags and giftbags – we have winners!

The New Zealand Literary Publication most read by the discerning participants of this poll was … a dead heat between Landfall and Takahe (with nine regular readers each). (That is, “who read it regularly” – stop sniggering in the back row.)

The New Zealand Literary Publication most subscribed to by the similarly discerning participants of this poll was … a dead heat between Takahe and Bravado (four subscribers each).

And the winner of a copy of SubTropics is … Tim Jones! Congratulations Tim. Email me the address you would like it sent to and I’ll get it in the post on Monday morning.

I thank you all for your participation.

Takahe 66 cover landfall 217 cover Bravado 16 cover SubTropics 8 cover

Late Addendum – for those of you who would like a bit more info about the selection process – and my other life (and the domestic catastrophe two days before the launch) may like to visit here. Unless you’re alektorophobic

3 Replies to “litmags and giftbags – we have winners!”

  1. Great Bravado gets a mention along with Landfall and Takahe. And what a good-looking blog you’ve got. What I’d like to know is what happened to Poetry Aotearoa? I did so like its premise: demonstrating to the Australians how to write better poetry. Ah! Literary magazines. They come and they go. But even tho’ Glottis has gone I am still using its amusing rejection note as a teaching aid. I hope the editors (if extant) will forgive me for sharing it with you:

    PO Box 6249

    “I’m afraid this unconscionable tatter of A6 arrives to inform you that we won’t be using any of your work in our forthcoming issue, Glottis 13. The usual excuse applies: a lahar of submissions competing for the meagre filling space in Glottis’s little mud pie – not to mention the daft & whimsical arbitrations of an editorial coterie thoroughly soused in its own self-satisfaction. Ignore us – you deserve better.”

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