poetry in your lunch break

For those who fancy a bit of poetry in their lunch break, Frankie McMillan has organised a poetry reading on Friday 21st August 2009 at the Christchurch Central Library. There will be six of us, and the whole thing is set to run for about an hour and a quarter.

It should be a really interesting mix – Ross Brighton, David Gregory, Bernadette Hall, Michael Harlow, Frankie McMillan, and me. We’ve all got books that have been released recently (in Frankie’s case, the night before), and all are tied to (if not technically resident in) Christchurch.

Best of all, it’s free!

the summer king actual front cover lustre jug cover cannibals front cover

push cover Tram Conductor's Blue Cap cover A pelt a shrub a soil sample cover

One Reply to “poetry in your lunch break”

  1. There’s an amazing amount that goes on in “lunch breaks” in Christchurch. Usually for about an hour and a quarter, which is strange since most lunch hours are no more than an hour.
    Mine’s half an hour, which isn’t even enough time to get there and back from my Friday job near the airport 😦 (or from my other job in the wilds of the foot of the Port Hills).
    Never mind, I will just have to be content with Frankie’s book launch instead (which is also a rush. Why is everyone suddenly putting these on at 5.30?)

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