A Public Apology

On Friday I took part in a public poetry reading at the Christchurch Central library with Frankie McMillan, Michael Harlow, Ross Brighton, David Gregory and Bernadette Hall.

At the beginning of my reading a made a throwaway remark. It’s been pointed out to me that the comment sounded as though it was intended as a dig at the readers who went before me. It most definitely wasn’t intended that way, but was, in retrospect, a really stupid thing to say.

I am so very sorry for spoiling what was otherwise a lovely event. To all concerned, I offer my sincere apologies.


One Reply to “A Public Apology”

  1. On this one post, I’m not going to publish comments. If you make them, I will read them, but I don’t feel that it’s appropriate to turn this into a general discussion. Thanks for your understanding.

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