a few updates to A Dark Feathered Art

singing male blackbird by Malene ThyssenThe blackbirds are now starting their mating chorus at 3 am; I’ve got buds bursting into bloom all over the garden and I’ve developed a hankering for salads. It must be spring in the air. Which is my excuse (we don’t mention the p word*) for a small site spruce-up.

As you may have noticed, there is a new page below the header – Books. This is to list (and, lets face it, pimp) the books that I’ve been involved with as well as The Summer King. It runs from most recent to least, and the plan is to keep updating it when and if the need arises. It’s also intended to act as a reminder to myself that book number two is allowed to happen, and that it might be a good idea to start writing some of the poems for it!

I’m also working on a Media page, to try and collate links to the various interviews, articles, and maybe even reviews that I’ve been subject of. (Or possibly “subject to”.) I’m starting to forget what happened when, so this is intended to help, and to be a bit of a repository for such ephemera as podcasts. The most recent of these is an interview I did with Richard Liddicoat for the Christchurch Public Library website – it was good fun, but I’ve ended up being “somewhat provocative” again … you can read it here. (How is it that my mouth can run away with me in a written interview?!)

*Procrastination. Not pimping (this time).

2 Replies to “a few updates to A Dark Feathered Art

  1. It doesn’t seem too “mouthy” to me – how about “interesting and informative”? And I think “tough and true” is a great aim for poetry, rather similar to “fine and fierce” – although sometimes I also like the idea of “lyrical and tender”

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