Tuesday Poem – “The Messenger”

Not a postcard, or a tease
of lace.
In my absence I send
a strange messenger, my love
but true –

I send a spoon.

Its haft slips into your hand
gladly, like mine,
returns the faint warmth
of fingers and thumb

helpful as a wife.

The curve of its bowl
against your lips –
know this
for the bow of mine

let it rest there
the winter moon’s reflection
reaching across a lake,
across the night’s dark throat

it scents
everything you taste.

And at night
it will nestle in the drawer
and croon its song of longing

to the quiet house
to our half-empty bed.

first published in
Takahe 70

This one was prompted by a glorious (and disturbingly sexy) poem by Christopher Meredith, called “Electric Razor”. I blogged about it back in 2008 (which just goes to show how long it takes me to get around to things these days, with or without earthquakes). It owes a debt not only to Chris’s poem, but also to Carol Ann Duffy’s lovely “Valentine”. And an even bigger debt to my other half, who doesn’t seem to mind this sort of thing …

For more Tuesday Poems, visit: http://tuesdaypoem.blogspot.com/.

7 Replies to “Tuesday Poem – “The Messenger””

  1. Wow. Great visuals and I love how you placed the enjambment. Very, very nice.

    I went to your link, and yes, that does sound like an amazing poem. I’ll have to look for his work.

    Right now I’m reading In the Land We Imagined Ourselves by Jonathan Johnson…lovely stuff.

    Great post!

  2. …tease …lace …send …love …true… and so on, thanks Jo not only for another great piece but for all you have taught us that enables us to see so much more in poetry, we’re so blessed to have you.

  3. gorgeously sexy – ‘it scents everything you taste’ – delicious in so many ways…. with echoes of that old song about the moon and the spoon and a nursery rhyme too when I think about it… ‘croon its song of longing’ – ah

    1. Glad you all like it so much! I did worry about it being a bit too close in the opening to “Valentine”, but I think it’s within bounds. If I make it to a second collection I’ll probably annotate it along the lines of ‘with a nod to Christopher Meredith and a wink to Carol Ann Duffy’, but that’s a bit too heavy for the poem appearing just in a magazine.

  4. yes yes! gorgeous!

    “it scents
    everything you taste”

    super delicious!

    Glad to read all is well where you be you!

    nod nod wink wink


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