Font Crimes – a rebuttal

Proving once again that he probably does a lot less work at work than he would like me to believe, my other half has pointed me towards an addition to the ‘in/appropriate font selection’ story. It’s one of the Short Comic Monologues on Timothy McSweeney’s website. Personally, I find it hysterical. But I should warn you that it does contain Language Likely To Offend, and I haven’t made any attempt to vet any of the other SCMs, as my sides hurt if I laugh too much, and it’s still over 30˚C here.

Anyhow, the link is here: I’m Comic Sans, Ass—-. Enjoy.* (And if you feel the need to brush up on how much some people hate this font, Ban Comic Sans is a good place to start. For slightly less biased info on Comic Sans, once again I refer you to Typofile.)

*Or not. The choice is yours.

2 Replies to “Font Crimes – a rebuttal”

  1. I’m never going to look at Papyrus the same way again! The company he keeps!!
    Good Joanna, and “other half”. Brightened up my Monday no end (and passed it on to brighten up the day of others, cause that’s how I am).

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