A winner in comfortable trousers

Trouser-partsNow that post title should get quite a few confused new visitors …

The winner of my first Magazine De-clutter Giveaway contest (and only participant) is (drumroll please)

Greg O’Connell!

Well done Greg. I think your stilt limerick frightened the pretenders away. But I have say that my personal favourite was your cinquain “March Night”. Whimsical, just a tickle of silliness, but actually a satisfying and lovely bit of description:

Amazon trousers BM VaseB673

March Night
Apologies to Adelaide Crapsey

Autumn …
With wind all round,
Like comfortable trousers,
The leaves, red-tipped, undo their belts
And fall.

– © Greg O’Connell

Well done! The five magazines will be making their way to you very soon.

As for the rest of you … pshaw! What have you got against comfortable trousers‽

5 Replies to “A winner in comfortable trousers”

  1. “As for the rest of you … pshaw!”… maybe I could claim the drumroll (I mean …someone had to do it) that’s about all I could squeeze in what with moving house twice in two weeks.

    [Now you could have a contest for the best original excuse!]

  2. Warm thanks, Joanna for opportunity to have some short form fun! And for the complimentary literary mags….they’ll be right at home on my poetry-packed bookcase.

    Greg =)

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