Shake, rattle and ohhhhhhh

Another Monday; another big aftershock. With two aftershocks of its own (4.4 and 3.3), and a pre-shock (4.3, which I didn’t feel, thank goodness). Closest I’ve been to diving under my desk for a very long time. But I’m ok; Stewart’s ok; the chooks are ok; and the house is ok (as far as I can tell – EQC, we’re ready any time you fancy coming to do the inspection). It was weird in terms of timing too – the courier had just pulled up out front, and it took me a moment to work out why the rumbling was still going. NOT fun. And there are reports of more liquefaction and a possible building collapse in the central city, and a building collapsed on the corner of Stanmore and Worcester streets. God knows what’ll come down next.

For those of you who want the details (and inexplicably DON’T check the GeoNet Recent Quakes list on a daily basis):

    • NZST: Mon, Jun 13 2011 1:00 pm
    • Magnitude: 5.5
    • Depth: 11 km
    • Location: 10 km east of Christchurch, 43.58°S, 172.78°E (just off Godley Head)
    • Reference Number: 3528810

Flying back from Auckland last month I worked out why it is that I’ve really not enjoyed my various flights lately – turbulence feels a lot like an aftershock. Without the worry of the building coming down on top of you. (Plenty of worries specific to being in a tin can flying at 30,000 feet up though.)

Anytime the aftershocks want to stop, that’s fine with me.

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