Still here

And another one, and it felt big. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for everyone in the city, because I think we’re looking at serious damage. Again. Still.
First time I’ve been outside and looking back at the house when one happened – our upstairs moves at a different tempo to the downstairs, which is freaky. Not keen to be indoors any longer than I have to at the moment, but Stewart and I and the chooks and the house are ok still.

Kia kaha,


8 Replies to “Still here”

  1. Best wishes, Joanna. Can’t think of anything useful to offer except that I’m thinking of you with compassion, and that seems so woefully inadequate. Big hugs.

  2. Quite messy around us though not as bad as February. Fortunately our power came back on just as it was getting dark, but we don’t have mains water.
    All the emergency supplies are out of the cupboards again, and yes, I did get under the desk in the first one (in the second one I happened to be right in a doorway so I grabbed on to the door frame and stayed put).
    They can’t stop too soon for me.

      1. No EQC inspector on the roof , but we did just book a holiday for the end of August. Not quite in the same category as the last two which were within a week or two of the September and February shakes respectively.
        Holiday plans at the moment would be a bit problematic anyway, given the ash grounding flights at random intervals.

    1. That’s the six billion dollar question. According to the latest reports, we’ve now got a 30% chance of another quake of between magnitude 6 and 6.9 happening within the next twelve months. Oh joy, oh bliss. Why do I get the feeling that the reason the Clarendon and Grand Chancellor haven’t been ‘deconstructed’ (great reuse of the word, isn’t it?) yet is at least in part because the owners are hoping to have it happen naturally, and save them the bill?

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