NaPoWriMo Quarantine Edition – Exercise 2

Over the Easter/Passover break in 2015, a group of enterprising senior citizens made a little after-hours excursion to the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company … yes, the infamous Hatton Garden Heist was five years ago today.

As a tip of the hat, your task is to write a poem about stealing something, beginning your poem with some variation of the line:

In order to steal …

Feel free to imagine, invent and embellish. If it’s a classic item to purloin, like a wallet or a car or a piece of jewellery, make sure you give us details. Not just anyone’s diamond necklace. Whose? Why? How? And where? When? Or go for the unusual – an iced birthday cake. (What sort? Why? From where?) A prize-winning bull (ditto? Plus a whole lot of other possibilities.) (And trouble – don’t do it!) How about a pair of reading glasses? A book of maps. A hair-piece. A pair of shoe laces. Or be less literal – someone’s heart. The wind from someone’s sails. A moment of your time. Anything you like. As long as you show us what, why, when, where, how, and what happens next.

Optional extra challenge:

To take this beyond a funny exercise, you’ll need to really dig in. We need to understand the poem’s you, and why this is the course you/they have chosen. Get really luscious about the details of the act of theft itself, or about the plans for the theft, or about the item itself (to the point where the theft is almost an aside).

Enjoy! Preferably without breaking the law …

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