NaPoWriMo Quarantine Edition – Exercise 3

Day three: hanging in there?

Today’s exercise is a classic: the ode. A public poem in praise of something or someone. And because they don’t get celebrated anywhere near enough, your subject should be one of those people toiling away to keep us all going during this lockdown and crisis – supermarket workers, nurses, cleaners, farmers, courier drivers. Doctors too, although I’d prefer you went for someone whose job has less glamour attached to it. (Before you get upset on behalf of doctors – my mum is a retired GP, so I know very well how long and hard doctors work. But I want you to look beyond them, just for today.) Childcare workers. Give your attention to someone who doesn’t get it anywhere near often enough, and praise them. Maybe a particular person, or a group of people in general. Up to you.

Stick with the classic Pindaric Ode. It comes in three parts – strophe, epistrophe and epode. The strophe gives one view, the epistrophe gives a counter view, and then epode gives you a synthesis, or conclusion. Strophe and epistrophe should have the same basic pattern – same number of lines, same rhyme scheme (if you use one), same rhythm. The epode should be different.

Go well. And say thank you to someone deserving today.

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