Canterbury Poets’ Spring 2012 Readings Series

Hooray hooray, spring has sprung, the garden is going ape-shit, and it’s time for the CPC Poetry Readings again!

Isn’t it a nifty poster? Not to mention a fascinating lineup? (Well, other than me.) (No, bollocks to that – including me!) You can download a copy of the official poster for yourself, your friends and/or colleagues from this link. (Incidentally, if you would like to be put on the mailing list for announcements from the Canterbury Poets Collective, send an email saying so to: joyces at clear dot net dot nz (using the usual symbols in place of the words ‘at’ and ‘dot’, and closing up the spaces in the normal manner.)

Sharing the stage with Tusiata and Owen will be interesting. I am definitely going to be making use of the Poem Unleashed workshop to get myself tuned up for peak performance. As it happens, I hadn’t been asked to read when I put the workshop together. But the timing is extremely good. (Bwa ha ha ha …)

Not sure if I’ll read ‘Fare’ or not. I read it twice last year at the CPC – the first time in installments, the second time as my only poem for the  Best Of the Open Mike session. I know as an audience member that I get a bit bored if readers always use the same pieces. But, on the other hand, it’s a fairly significant poem for me, and one that I still very much love. I have new pieces that will get read out too, so it wouldn’t be the sole component of my reading. (Unless I get restricted to eight minutes or less, in which case … nooooooooooooo!)

Hell with it. Let’s put it to the vote. Should I read ‘Fare’ as part of my CPC Guest slot?

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