Signing … er, back on … for the year

… in lieu of signing off. Which I kinda forgot about for 2019. But here I am, back again. Hooray!

This year I’m planning to only teach in the first six months. Much as I enjoy it, it does eat in to the time and energy I need for my own writing. And the stats are not good: I’ve produced bugger all actual poetry of my own over the last few years. I mean, I think  the stuff I’ve managed to write has been pretty good, but it’s still a bit of a pittance. So that’s the plan: teach for the first half, and write for the second. In the past I always found winter a really good time for writing, so hopefully that will again be the case.

My hope is to also do a lot more poem commentaries – if nothing else, to put the ones I do in class up here, so that they don’t disappear into nothing. No idea if they’re useful to anyone else, (although my mother commented that she found the commentary I did on Gail Ingram’s The Kitchen very informative). (Thanks mum!)

One other thing you may or may not have noticed: the domain name. Yes, the sod who had been cyber-squatting on for more than a decade finally let it lapse, and I have snaffled it. Hooray! I own my own name! Sort of!

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